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Any good fanfiction?


Anyone know any good rwby fanfiction that I can read?

Depends on who you’re going for. Since I’m fond of Jaune, I personally like Hero of the Everyman.

It’s rather well written and on-going, without Jaune becoming a physical god. Weiss is also good in the story, serving as his partner.

Jaune Arc Expelled: A Different Path [RWBY One-Shot Fanfic]

Jaune Arc Expelled Challenge: A Different Path

(A RWBY Fanfic)

Outline: Cardin Winchester took his information to Glynda Goodwitch, leading to Jaune being forced to leave Beacon after the events at Forever Fall. But just because that avenue was closed to him, it didn’t mean he couldn’t find another way. When he and his former friends meet again, Pyrrha see he’s a changed man. [One-Shot].

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Yet my answer didn’t change.

I thought of the Knights. Of Maggie. Of Paige. Of Joel, Alexis, Tiffany, and my other friends. Hell, of Evan, that tenacious little boy who’d held out as long as he had.

They outweighed the bad. They’d helped me out.

I did believe in the inherent goodness of humanity.

Blake Thorburn, Pact.

You go, Blake. 

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The goblins shared stories between one another about what goblins were and why metal was so problematic. The usual story was that when a Wise man drank from a cup while dining, the bits of food that got into the cup and lingered after the drink was done accumulated. Except it was workings, not drink, and bits of self, not food. Greasy fingerprints left behind when touching something beyond the veil. Bits of skin that should have grown and the hairs that should have fallen from one’s head, that didn’t, because they were wearing different skin or hair, and the stuff that wasn’t had to end up someplace.

There was another story that said that the unfair folk were people once, and they chopped off all the bits they didn’t like, and those bits became goblins, but Buttsack didn’t like that version.

Fuck the unfair folk. Being magic hairballs for humans, fabricated of their dust, scum, grease, pubes, and stress, that was one thing. Being of faerie? Fuck that idea sideways and backward.

— Pact (via theaudientvoid)

~Pact spoilers I guess~
So I tried inking this with a new pen I bought yesterday. Not bad. 
This is Blake and Green Eyes, from the latest chapter of Pact. 


~Pact spoilers I guess~

So I tried inking this with a new pen I bought yesterday. Not bad. 

This is Blake and Green Eyes, from the latest chapter of Pact. 

“Yeah. I found a group of people, and they told me that there was nothing there. That it’s just landscape, for show. They laughed at me and took what little I’d brought with me. I ran before they could hurt me, and I got here, after a couple days. Except I didn’t get far. I stepped onto that broken bit of ledge right there, and I fell. Just like you almost did. Water pushed me down, and I wasn’t strong enough to swim against it. Someone saved me. He wasn’t strong enough to lift me up, either, so he pressed his lips to mine, and breathed for me.”


“He could breathe like I can now. For hours, he breathed for me. And he’d stop, making me hold my breath, then start again. Until I could hold it for a couple of minutes. He left me, holding my breath, and came back with raw fish. Tore it with his teeth and regurgitated it for me, kept breathing for me… for days. Weeks. Pressed his sandpapery skin against mine, and we… yeah. I wanted to, and I dunno if that’s that syndrome or whatever from that movie with the bookish girl and the big horned ox guy-”

“Beauty and the Beast. You’re thinking of Stockholm syndrome,” I said. I didn’t elaborate, arguing for why it wasn’t Stockholm Syndrome. That would have been assholish, arguing when she was sharing her story.

“Yeah. I forget words sometimes. Somewhere along the way, my skin came apart, because his skin was rough and the water just kept coming down so hard. But I healed and everything back together in scars and tougher bits, and then I could breathe underwater, and I have teeth and claws to hunt fish with, and I can see better in the dark and…”

“…And the other guy?”

“I was in a state where I couldn’t swim. He went to get food for- for me, and one day he didn’t come back. Eventually I had to swim, and I did. Now it’s just me.”

“Waiting at that same ledge?”

“I thought I’d save you if you fell in, like he saved me,” her voice was a thin whisper. Almost reluctant, abashed.


“Hey,” I said. I didn’t have a name for her. “Green Eyes? Can I call you that?”

“Yes. I like that.”

“Green Eyes, if and when I do fall in, if you can’t or won’t help me get somewhere with a secure grip, can you kill me instead?”

“Kill you?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Just… no offense, but that sounds like a torment that would be custom-made for me in hell.”

A pause.

“After I kill you, can I eat you?”

Eat me?

She said it so very casually. I might have felt a chill run down my spine if my spine wasn’t already all chills.

“Go to town,” I said.


[This book is so fucked up I love it. Also, is it bad that I sort of ship Blake/Green Eyes now.

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Rose’s version of this.

The new heroine of Pact.


Rose’s version of this.

The new heroine of Pact.

You know a story is good when it makes you cry

I am not a man who shows his emotions often, but there are two instances where a fictional story has brought me to tears. The first was the ending of Crisis Core, because goddamn the man was just trying to get home and was killed off when only three of the soldiers were left. That was fucked up!

But, recently there was Pact by Wildbow. It is a web-serial about supernatural beings and the humans who gain power by interacting with them in an Urban setting. It’s like Dresden Files in Canada, only less fantastic in that you don’t have people shooting fire from their hands directly but command Goblins, Spirits, Ghosts, and Faeries through deals and oaths. And somehow bleaker, which is saying a lot.

I won’t spoil it, but the end seventh arc, Void 7.11, it made me cry. This is a free story worth taking a week-end to read and I recommend it highly.